• Design & Prototypes

    Protect Your Investments before going into mass production! Mitas provides low volume, high
    mix cable assemblies to support product development; call us at (512)251-0389 or email

  • Global Supply Chain

    Make your supply base manageable: leverage the power of globalization today
    with a single AVL source; call Mitas now (512)251-0389 or email

  • EOL Product Support

    Lean back and relax at the end of your product life-cycle! Mitas will only build what you need
    when you need it. Call us today for total life-cycle support; (512)251-0389 or email

Welcome to Mitas Electronics

MITAS ELECTRONICS specializes in designing, developing, manufacturing and/or sources "CUSTOM" microcoaxial cable assemblies for electronic LCD panels and related industries.

Our core competency is in terminating fine pitch connectors as small as 0.3mm pitch to micro coaxial (MCX) or discrete wire in the 42 AWG size and less. We also source most cable assembly technologies including but not limited to: LVDS (VESA compliant CCFL and LED Backlight), Display Port (eDP), SAS, SATA, HDMI, USB, CATx, ect. Our solutions provide assistance to our customers from the development laboratory to mass production.

LCD panel cabling is our core business and we terminate the top brand connectors such as I-PEX, Hirose and JAE to produce cables for all brands of LCD panels including Samsung, LLG Electronics, Sony, Sharp, Toshiba, AUO, Chi Mei Innolux (CMI previously CMO) and Hydis and many more.

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Mitas: Micro-Coaxial Cables!

Starting 2008, Mitas Electronics was the first and only company in America to build custom micro-coaxial cable assemblies with authentic components authorized by the original manufacturers! Read More